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Vray Marble Material Tutorial Cloudy Marble Texture

V-ray realistic Off White Marble Material Tutorial. Learn to create  
Off White Marble material in 3ds max and v-ray by following some basic and simple steps as given below.

Step 1: Select an object on which you want to assign v-ray Off White Marble Material. Then open material editor (Press M). Then click on standard button and Select VRayMtl from the list.

Step 2: Settings for Off White Marble marble Material

Put the Off White Marble texture into Diffuse parameter (Texture file download link given below)

Click here to download HD Off White Marble texture

Set the reflect color to (Red: 212, Green: 212, Blue: 212)

Set the RGlossiness to 0.97

Set the Subdivs to 18

Set the Max depth to 22

Turn on Fresnel reflections and click on to change Fresnel IOR value to 1.85

Also renamed the material name to Off White Marble

Step 3: Render
Here is the final output of Off White Marble Material using my simple Lighting setup in 3ds max using v-ray.

You have completed the Vray Off White Marble Material Tutorial using 3ds max and v-ray. Be in touch for more v-ray material tutorials, Hope you like it. You can click here to send us suggestion, Thank you.

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