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How remove Green screen using keylight in Adobe After Effects

In This Tutorial You will come to Learn How remove Green screen (croma) using keylight in Adobe After Effects
All you have to do is to follow some of simple steps.

Step 1. First right click on project panel & then click on new composition to create new composition .

Step 2. In composition setting window click on basic tab & choose HDTV 1080 29.97 option from preset and duration to 10 secs and click ok. (settings are depends on your footage)

Step 3. Now select both images or footage’s and import in your composition.

Step 4. Now select both images and drag it to the timeline. If you want your image fit in to composition. Right click to the image go to transform and select fit to comp.

Step 5. Now right click on Green screen image and
go to effect >> keying>> keylight

Step 6. Click on the pick tool and pick green color. This will remove the Green screen and you will get a car cut-out.

Step 7. Now unhide the second image (background image). If you want to scale the car image, right click on that image and select transform and click on scale. Put the scale % as per your requirement.

Play with scale for more realistic output  . .

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