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How to Model curtain in marvelous designer easy and fast

This Tutorial will cover How to Model curtain in marvelous designer easy and fast for interior project 


Step 1. First click on rectangle shape & then click on view port, then add the Dimensions in that panel. (Width-24”, Height-6”) and click ok.


Step 2. Now create another rectangle below first one
(Width-35”, Height-84”)


Step 3. Select the first rectangle, right click on it and click freeze to freeze top rectangle.


Step 4. Now click on segment sewing option, first click on top rectangle bottom edge and then click on second rectangle top edge
as shows in image below.


Step 5. Then Go to property editor and change particle distance to 18 to enhance cloth quality. Now Go to fabric and click +add to add fabric and assign the fabric to selected plane. In physical property palette change preset to D_cotton_CLO_v2


Step 6. Now hit the simulate button or press space bar for simulation


Step 7. If you want apply cloth texture to it. In Property editor go to material and click on front tab and select your texture. Then set width & height of texture as your requirement.

Your curtain is ready for your project . .


I renderd in 3ds max using v-ray with different texture .

Learn and Earn 😉 enjoy 🙂 Stay in touch for more tutorials . . . .

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