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How to match light condition in Photoshop

This tutorial will cover How to match light condition in Photoshop for architectural use or purpose .

As you can see in below image, The lighting condition is totally matched to the project light condition. For this all your have to follow very basic commands and within 5 mins you will learn this tutorial,



Step 1 : Insert Tree or object (depends on your project i choose tree)


You can download from here or you wil get lot of them on google images


Step 2: Place Tree according to view and scale it down to match with view (as you can see i placed on the right side on grass)
Now create new layer and name it.




Step 3: Now all you have to do is to create clipping mask. Drag your mouse cursor between “tree layer” and “new layer” (i named it “Tree lighting cc”) and Hold  “ALT” on your keyboard, Once you old “ALT” and Click when “down arrow and a white box” appears ,



Step 4: Now you can see your layer is attached to the layer which is below that layer, it means you have successfully created clipping mask, This process will allow you to paint only and only on your tree layer.




Step 5: Select “Brush Tool” >> Select similar color according to projects light condition >> start painting it over tree carefully and according to light directions (This is very important that u should not paint opposite to your light direction this might give u fake result so be careful, and Paint it very carefully)




( As you can see I paint it on the left side of tree, Because Light coming from left side ):




Here i painted it all over tree, you can see result, For more realistic output i duplicate “tree lighting cc layer and reduced opacity to minimum “




Step 6: For more realistic result paint some shadows at the base of your tree, as you can see in below image i painted little shadows at base of tree.







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