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How to make a top and skirt in marvelous designer

Learn How to make a top and skirt in marvelous designer Step by Step Easy and Fast

Step 1. First click on “create polygon” tool or press H and draw a shape. Then click on edit curvature(C) and modify your shape as per your requirements.
As shown in image below.



Step 2. Now select this shape, press cltrl+C (copy) and ctrl+R or right click on it and click on mirror paste. Then select both shapes and make copy of them and place it to avatar back side.



Step 3. Now stitch this shapes together with segments sewing option.
As shown in below image.

Step 4. Then hit simulate button and again modify your shape if needed.



Step 5. Then create a circle and rotate it.



Step 6. Now create an internal circle inside the first circle and place it to center. Then right click on it and select convert to hole option.



Step 7. Now modify your shape if needed and hit simulate button.




Step 8. Now again create a circle and make another circle inside, place it to center and stitch this circle to first one
as shown in below image




Step 9. Then Go to property editor and change particle distance to 20 to enhance cloth quality. Now Go to fabric and click +add to add fabric and assign the fabric to selected plane. In physical property palette change preset to D_cotton_CLO_v2



 If you want apply cloth texture to it. In Property editor, go to material and click on front tab and select your texture.



Step 10. Now hit the simulate button for the result.


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