Photoshop tutorials

Learn Matte Painting in Photoshop for Beginners to Advanced

Step 1:- Cut seashore part from any picture.


Step 2:- pick a mountain image cut it and place it Properly.


Step 3:- Make a new layer and paint the mountain with same color of mountain, Paint with 80% opacity to make it look far. (If necessary make it little blur with blur tool)


Step 4:- Take another mountain image and repeat previous step with 50% opacity.

Step 5:- Create it’s water reflation by painting same colors or duplicate layer and flip it vertically and reduce opacity to look realistic.

Step 6:- Again take a mountain image and put that mountain in front and mask the mountain to match with ground.

Step 7:- Take a boat and make it little Bright by painting white color on it’s duplicate layer and make layer opacity to 5%

Step 8:- Make Boat shadow by using brush tool and play with opacity to make it look real.

Step 9:- Take a sky image and place it behind all layers.

Step 10:- Take 1 more a cloudy sky image place it properly and reduce 70% opacity (depends)

Step 11:- Place a png image of birds and blend it with softlight.

Step 12:- Make an black & white adjustment layer over all layers make it’s opacity to 50%.

Step 13:- Take a color balance adjustment layer and change colors as shown in image below. (or you can make your own color there to your project)

And this is how you can create a simple matte paint in Photoshop

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