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How to Model Pillow in 3ds max easy and fast

This Tutorial will cover How to Model Pillow in 3ds max step by step easy and fast


Step 1:  first create a box which is a just a size of Pillow and go to modifier and increase segments of the box.(L -1.5, W- 1.5 , H-0.1) In feet or u can increase more, it depends on your project (This values are not fix you can play with values for more best result)



Step 2: Now create a plane to cover the box or creating a base for collision (This planer is temporary you can delet once your pillow model is ready! )



Step 3: Than select both objects and Go to modifier list put cloth modifier to the selected models
Modify panel > Modifier List >  Cloth 



Step 4: In object properties you can see two objects. Select first one and select cloth and make “pressure value to 60”, according to your requirements. (You can also change cloth properties to silk and values for better result.)



Step 5: Than select Plane001 and select collision object and click OK . (as shown image below )



Step 6: Select “simulate local” to simulate the object. This will collide object to the surface.




Step 7: Now select pillow go to modifier list and select Turbosmooth, After applying Turbosmooth result as shown below :




Step 8: Now Go to material Editor (shortcut: press “m”) and put your favorite texture to the pillow. 


Your pillow model is ready to use .
you can make more interesting projects using this tutorial
Enjoy  🙂 stay tune !

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