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How to Create poly Text in Autodesk Maya

This tutorial covers how to create poly text step by step in autodesk Maya.

Step One :- To create the text, go to create(Tab) > text. _ To open the options Click on the box.


Step Two :- Enter your text .


Step Three :- To change the font style, click on the arrow next to font and _ ” select your favorite font.”

Step four :-
Type :- this is the type of geometry you’ll be outputting your text.
Trim- will output a NURB surface
Poly -will output polygons
Curves- output NURBS curves.
Bavel – output (poly) bavel style.

select “Poly” then select “Quads” also select “Count”
and set the “count” as per your require (by default it’s 200)

Step five :- Click on “create” to create your text.
after creating text output will be like as shown in image.

Step six :- To give your text a 3D look, go to “Polygon and Subdivision Surface Faces” by pressing (shortcut) “F11” then select all the faces of your text and extrude all faces by holding “Shift+RMB” (Right mouse buttom) >> “Extrude Face” again its a shortcut it saves lot of time , and move it forword (z axis(depends)

4 5 6
Now you are ready to use the text for your project.

maya creating text project

Good luck .

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