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Double Exposure Effect Tutorial Photoshop in just 7 steps

This Tutorial will teach you How to Create Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop. Lets take a look at simple and short tutorial and learn how this works.

Step 1 :- To create Double Exposure Effect, You will need two different images.


Step 2 :- Open 1st Image and Select the Character with the Pen tool or any cutting tool and make duplicate of it by pressing Shortcut Ctrl+j or just Right click On Layer and select Duplicate Layer.


Step 3 :- After making duplicate of Lady image, Drag and Drop or Import 2nd (city image) image into the canvas.


Step 4 :- Keep selected the city image layer and press Ctrl + Left click on the Thumbnail of Character layer, Once you get selection, Enable layer mask or Create a Layer mask. (as show in image below)


Step 5 :- Once you Created Layer mask you will get a result as shown in image below, After that select Brush Tool - Change the Brush Stroke opacity to 10. Set foreground color black and start painting from the left side.

When you start painting from the left side you will start getting the result. (check the image below).


Step 6 :- After that give some Contrast to it, Go to adjustment layer - brightness/contrast and Adjust contrast till the image looks batter.


Step 7 :- Also play with Color Balance, Click on adjustment layer and select Color Balance and adjust the midtomes to give beautiful shade to image

And there we have it! This how you can Create double exposure
In Photoshop easily with some few simple steps.F

Final Result

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