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How to create Depth of field in Photoshop

How to create Depth of field in Photoshop

This Tutorial will teach you How to create Depth of field with lens blur filter in Photoshop or How to make your photo look like miniature. with the lens blur filter you can actually control the amount of depth and where it is applied in an image using alpha channel. Lets take a look at simple and short tutorial and learn how this works.

Step 1. Once you Opened your photo in Photoshop, Make a copy or Duplicate of that photo by pressing shortcut CTRL+J

Step 2. Now go to select menu and choose/enable edit in Quick mode (or shortcut press Q) and use a large soft black brush and draw horizontally as shown in image

Step 3. Again go to select menu & uncheck Edit in Quick Mask Mode. Now go to channels panel and click on create new channel icon and fill the selection with white .

Step 4. Now Press CTRL+D to Deselect the selection and come back to layer panel. (select the layer which is copy of your original layer) then go to filter >> Blur >> lens Blur.


Step 5. In the Lens Blur window choose Depth map source to Alpha 1 (new alpha channel layer which you created). play with the shape & radius of the lens blur to get a result as similar to the image i made and press ok. Photographers love this effect because it makes amazing tilt/shift style blur effect giving the scene a micro look .

That’s it! this is how you can create Depth of field using lens blur filter in Photoshop or make your photo look like miniature .

Final result..


Again making one duplicate layer of photo (opacity less then 40%) and applying blending mode Overlay also playing with brightness and contrast makes the photo look interesting 😉

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