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Color correction in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

At The End of This Tutorial You Will Learn Color Correction in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


As you can see in the below image, The image looking so dark and bluish before and after looks totally different. To Learn this tutirial, All you need to follow some basic steps.

Step 1: Import your image into the Library and click on develop or press shortcut

Step 2. Now increase exposure  to brighten up the image. Then adjust highlight to recover blow out area (Change the values of highlight slider in negative).

Step 3. To brighten out dark areas of the image adjust shadows values as per requirement  . You can also use Black to give depth to the image (move black slider in negative). 

Step 4. In this project image is looking little blue or cool , to remove blue, move the temp slider to the right side (towards yellow).
again If your image is looking greenish, move tint slider to the right side.
(Towards magenta side)

Step 5. Apply or give some contrast to image by increasing values of contrast .

Step 6. Press R to crop the image. Hold Ctrl and drag straight line to straighten your image. You can also straighten your image manually.

Thats it! . . . . . . This is how you can do some basic Color correction in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Press Y to check the difference between before and after.


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